How about "Russell Wilson Denies Report of Pushing for Pete Carroll's Firing"?

NFL Offseason 2022: Everything the news you missed, including the Quarterback switch, the resetting of the WR market, coaching assignments, and signed agreements.

When news of quarterback Tom Brady's retirement broke in late January, no one knew then what was now unequivocally obvious: The NFL was at the beginning of what would turn out to be a vacation in the 2022 season. Even the conclusion of Brady's story had an end.
Unexpectedly, the seven-time Super Bowl champion changed his mind six weeks later and decided to come back for a 23rd season—his third with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
It was just one twist in one of the most compelling NFL seasons in recent memory. The past few months have seen a flurry of player movement, with the game's first wide receiver and several high-profile QBs among those landing on various teams. But there were countless developments on other fronts as well. There are still six weeks until the start of the 2022 regular season when the defending champion Los Angeles Rams hosts the Buffalo Bills on Thursday, September 8 (8:20 p.m. ET, NBC). But with training camps around the start of the league this week, keep up to date with our annual offseason recap.

Brady (almost) retired

When Brady announced his retirement during the playoffs, he started a message posted on his social media that read, "Hard to write, but here..." was possibly a first signal of what was to come.
After proving unable to get out of the game, Brady reversed his decision to retire when he announced his return to the Pirates in March, citing "unfinished business".He turns 45 on Aug. 3, making him the oldest player in the NFL this season for nearly five full years.

Some players were actually eliminated during the off-season. These include quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger and Ryan Fitzpatrick, defenseman Rob Gronkowski, defenseman Frank Gore, right fullback Mitchell Schwartz, defenseman Stepphon Tuitt, left fullback Andrew Whitworth, safety Malcolm Jenkins and point guard Alex Mack.

Payton Leaves Saints

The last time the New Orleans Saints were looking for a head coach was President George W. Bush in the midst of his second term.Sean Payton got the job in 2006, stayed there for 16 years and led the Saints to a Super Bowl victory in 2009. However, he left in January, and while he said he wasn't considering retirement, he added that he had no interest in coaching just yet...

Just Sean McVay, Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, and Andy Reid among active coaches have a higher batting average than Payton (.631). Dennis Allen, a former Saints defense coordinator, will take his place.

The 2022 coaching hiring cycle is going remarkably well for a league where it has become standard to hire ambitious coaches. Allen joins Lovie Smith (Houston Texans), Doug Pederson (Jacksonville Jaguars), Josh McDaniels (Las Vegas Raiders), and Todd Bowles as the fifth new head coach to be hired this season (Buccaneers). Finding intelligent offense coaches hasn't exactly gone out of style, though: Minnesota Vikings' Kevin O'Connell and New York Knicks' Brian DaPaul
Mike McDaniel (Miami Dolphins), Nathaniel Hackett (Denver Broncos), and (New York Giants) have all contributed to Floor. The tenth-best rookie of the offseason was Matt Eberfels, the Colts' defensive coordinator for four years (Chicago Bears).

Flores is suing the NFL

Former Dolphins coach Brian Flores has sued the NFL, the Dolphins, the Broncos, and the Giants alleging racial discrimination. Charges in the suit include allegations that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered inducements for the Flores team to lose games in an effort to improve their draft situation, and that the Giants and Broncos subjected him to "mock" interviews to comply with the Rooney rule. .
Former Arizona Cardinals coach Steve Wilkes and longtime league assistant Ray Horton later joined Flores' lawsuit, filing lawsuits against the Cardinals and Titans, respectively. In turn, NFL officials have re-evaluated the Rooney rule, including a new mandate that requires all teams to hire minority offensive assistants for the 2022 season, a move intended to improve forward opportunities.
ment in the future. There are six minority coaches, including three of the 10 hired out of the current season. McDaniel, Bowles and Smith join Ron Rivera (Washington Leaders), Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Robert Saleh (New York Jets).

How about Russell Wilson 

Russell Wilson's departure from the Seattle Seahawks was one of the top storylines of the 2022 NFL offseason... And now, new reports from The Athletic are shedding some light on the situation, with sources saying Wilson prompted the firing of head coach Pete Carroll and general manager Giovanni Schneider. According to the report, Wilson asked the Seahawks owner to fire Carroll and Schneider in February 2022 in hopes the team would hire Sean Payton as head coach. However, Wilson later denied the report on social media, saying he never intended to fire Carroll and Schneider and he respects and loves them both.

The report also details Wilson's strained relationship with the Seahawks during his 10-year tenure in Seattle and details a dysfunctional situation that ultimately led to his trade to the Denver Broncos in March for a move that picked more picks, first and included second rounds. and quarterback Drew Lock.

Wilson's first season in Denver wasn't without problems either. The Athletic notes that players, coaches and staff have challenged some of the quarterback's control, including private meetings with the forward, an office away from teammates, and game suggestions that Hackett adds to the game schedule would.

But in my opinion, Payton appears to be taking steps to establish his authority in Denver, saying in his opening press conference that quarterback Wilson's personal trainer will no longer be licensed with the Broncos. Object. Payton stressed the importance of football discipline, stamina and composition in his players and said these are non-negotiable.

Carroll named the Seahawks #039; defeat the Broncos in their first "really satisfying" game of the 2022 season; But it's clear that tensions between him and Wilson ultimately led to the quarterback's departure. How Wilson fares in Denver remains to be seen, but with a solid contract and a new head coach, all eyes will be on him next season.
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