2024 presidential election predictions

Politicians are divided on whether Trump or Biden will be president in 2024.

Many Americans are debating whether Donald Trump should run for president once more as the 2024 election cycle draws closer. Even though Trump hasn't declared his candidacy yet, many of his followers think he would make the finest president. Others, however, are worried about the effects of a second Trump administration, particularly in light of the riots that broke out in the Capitol on January 6, 2021, which were sparked by Trump's statements.

Politicians are divided on whether Trump or Biden will be president in 2024.

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Reporters from the TV show Panorama recently went to Selma, North Carolina, to speak with residents about whether or not they want Trump to run for office again. Opinions on the subject ranged greatly, according to the interviews that were done. The reasons why Trump should run again were cited by some people as being his stances on taxes, immigration, and the economy. Yet others were worried about his attitude, his disregard for the law, and his part in sparking the January 6 events.

Others have expressed alarm over the former president's actions and words, particularly in light of the circumstances preceding the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots, while others of his followers have expressed excitement for another Trump term. According to some analysts, Donald Trump's capacity to run for office might possibly be impacted by pending criminal accusations.

Notwithstanding these reservations, Trump continues to have strong support from Republican voters and from a majority of GOP politicians. It is important to remember that the political climate in the years running up to the 2024 election is unpredictable, so it is unclear if Trump will really win the GOP nomination or whether other Republicans would position themselves to challenge him.

Regardless of the conclusion, as the nation struggles with challenges connected to political division and the future of American democracy, the topic of whether Trump will run again is likely to continue to spark discussion and debate among the American public.

Joe Biden review 

People from many areas of life appreciate Joe Biden as a leader in politics and have come to look up to him. He has supported progressive issues including healthcare reform and economic recovery while standing out for working people. His lengthy career in public service includes his time serving as Barack Obama's vice president, during which he was crucial to the passage of important laws including the Affordable Care Act. With high popularity ratings across party lines, his dedication to cooperation and bipartisanship has made him one of the most well-liked leaders now in office.

According en to a multitude of variables, including political party, philosophy, and personal experiences, opinions on Joseph Biden might differ greatly. His ideas and performance as the president-elect of the United States have been the subject of heated criticism.

Some of his fans see him as an experienced politician with a lengthy history of public service who has pushed for legislation to advance economic growth, combat climate change, and increase access to healthcare. They also highlight his attempts to bring the nation together, particularly following the divisive 2020 presidential election.

I believe that the bulk of Republican officials and Republican people continue to back Trump strongly. This is demonstrated by the fact that, since entering office in 2017, he has maintained a high popularity rating among Republicans and has received support from well-known parties like Kevin McCarthy, the minority whip in the House, and Mitch McConnell, the majority whip in the Senate. In addition, despite resistance from some inside the GOP, his ideas continue to be supported by a large portion of the party's base. It is certain that President Trump will continue to have significant influence over the Republican Party well into the future.

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